A Sacred Space


What is “a sacred space”? Hmmm..let’s ponder this together….


Why this place is sacred to you? What do you see in this space? What do you hear?  How do you feel? 


Often, one of the first images that comes to mind is a church sanctuary, doesn’t it? This is the place we gather to worship (virtually these days) to connect with God and others in Word, prayer and praise.


Where else do you feel God’s presence?  Is it around the family dinner table?  Or a particular spot in the park? In your favourite spot to curl up with a good book? Perhaps it’s when you’re checking in with loved ones via phone calls or texts? The list goes on…


At the beginning of the pandemic – even in its uncertainty – I found myself savouring the break from the hustle and bustle of life. Everything had come to a halt as we all stayed home. In this slower pace, we had more family time together and I found myself reaching out to friends and family members more often. I became much more mindful of my blessings and experienced moments of gratitude throughout the day. I felt God’s presence in this unprecedented time.


Now, after nearly a year of living in a pandemic, I am not just tired, I am Covid-tired.  There have been days where I have felt lost and overwhelmed. I sometimes felt very far away from God. 


For Lent, I have set up a “sacred space” in our living room with my Bible, a cross to remember Jesus’ death & resurrection, a candle to symbolize God’s presence, a purple cloth for the liturgical colour of Lent and an empty bowl as a reminder to make space to talk to God. 

I am finding myself being drawn to this space to reconnect with God in prayer – sometimes aloud, sometimes just to breathe and feel God’s presence. As always God is there with me. 


Where is your “sacred space”?  How do you connect with God?





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