“Come to me….I will give you rest”


The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for me. After officially launching this website, I felt relief in accomplishing one of the many goals that I have for this faith formation project. This proved to be short-lived, mind you. I was inspired by the positive responses and comments to my post and I started thinking about my next steps. Within a couple of days, my brain was so full of ideas – what resources to share, how I will share the MasterClass material I was learning about, faith formation tips, Advent ideas, my next blog post and so on – where do I start? Throw in dealing with the uncertainties and changes of living in the COVID pandemic, my brain would shut off just like an overloaded circuit board.


The more I tried to ‘get things done’, the more I felt overwhelmed and just couldn’t focus on the tasks at hand. I soon found myself looking for ways to reset. Turning to God in prayer, I started taking breaks to ‘just breathe’. I savoured the beauty of my backyard (even with the early snow!) through the window as I sipped my morning coffee. Evening walks with my husband and sometimes our daughter, have become a routine activity after supper. I set aside time to check in with my friends via text and phone. I counted my blessings – our home, food to eat, our family is healthy, and online university classes for my kids in this pandemic.


I soon realized that these activities were all forms of practicing Sabbath – setting aside space to meet with God and God’s people to experience God’s gifts of rest and connection. In taking time for these simple activities, I was being restored through the Holy Spirit and reminded of God’s presence in my life. 


I am becoming more mindful of how practicing Sabbath helps me to manage the demands of daily life, work and relationships. I plan to explore Sabbath practices more and share more ideas with you. For now though, it’s a beautiful sunny +11C  Monday afternoon, so I’m heading out for a run!

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