Diving Deeper into Devotions

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Devotions are the time we take to pray, to read the bible, and to reflect on God’s presence in our lives as disciples of Jesus. When we take time for devotional practice, we connect the message of Jesus and God’s grace to our daily lives. We are being created, and recreated by the work of the Holy Spirit.


What does your family’s devotional practice look like? Perhaps your day includes morning and bedtime prayers or table grace at meal time or praying for others. Perhaps you spend time reading the bible or sharing favourite bible stories. All of these are opportunities for God to be at work in your lives. When we share our devotional practices with our children, grandchildren, youth and others, we are connecting our generations with faith, hope and love – the gospel of Jesus! Developing a devotional practice takes an intentional effort on our part and is important as we grow in our faith.


In their book, “Frogs without Legs Can’t Hear: Nurturing Disciples in Home and Congregation, David W. Anderson and Paul Hill write:


A personal and family devotional life can take place at any place, at any time, and in any way that works.

The point is that devotional time works best as a practice, a discipline that one consciously enters”.


This really speaks to me in that our devotional practice not limited to a specific time or format. We can, at any time and in any place, be intentional in creating space to connect with God and Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit. 


We are now entering “summer vacation mode” – a time for relaxation and renewal, especially now as we continue to navigate towards post-pandemic living. During this season, I invite you and your family to dive deeper and explore a summer devotion series that Deacon Michelle Collins of the MNO Synod and I created. This 4-week guide explores how Jesus meets us in our emotions. It includes a variety of activities for all ages engage in together. In addition, we have curated a list of faith formation and & prayers for families of all ages to explore. May both of the resources inspire your family’s faith journey in whatever you do and wherever you go this summer!


Summer 2021 Devotions Jesus Meets Us

Summer Faith Formation & Prayer Activities


Go ahead, take the plunge!

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