Candace Kostna

Hi, I’m Candace Kostna. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my husband Dallas and two university-aged children, Caitlin and Jonathan. I was born and raised here, so cold winters are no big deal! I have my Bachelor of Education degree (U of M) and spent several years teaching in the public education system.


Over the years, I have been involved in leading the Sunday School, Youth, and Confirmation ministries of my home Lutheran congregation. Recently I served as the Family Ministry Coordinator at Sherwood Park Lutheran Church for a three-year term.


While in this role, I led the planning and development of family and cross+generational ministries to strengthen relationships within the church to live in faith across all generations. This included thinking beyond Sunday morning worship and moving from the traditional Sunday School model to equipping families of all ages with faith-forming experiences in their daily lives. I adapted and created new opportunities to inspire all congregation members to live out their faith everyday and in turn, be more involved in their faith community. In addition, I led the transition to a shared Confirmation ministry to build upon the already established shared youth ministry.


When my term at Sherwood Park ended, I took some to reflect on this experience and begin thinking about “What’s next?” Through prayer and discernment, I felt that I was just scratching the surface of how I could be a faith formation leader – there is so much more I could learn and share. Time and time again, I was hearing God’s call through the Holy Spirit to continue my work in faith formation.


Thanks to the support of the Manitoba Northwestern Ontario Synod (MNO Synod) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), I am able to continue this faith formation journey. I was given a grant by The ACTS of the MNO Synod Committee to develop a faith formation ministry project.


When I do have some spare time, (what’s that?!?) I enjoy running, biking, scrapbooking and playing board games with my family.


I am looking forward to growing in faith with you!