Epiphany Playlist

A little background info… Epiphany is celebrated as the time when the Magi from the East visited Jesus. It may have been a few days or even a few years after Jesus was born before the Magi met him. Traditionally, Epiphany is celebrated on January 6th. Many churches celebrate it on the Sunday it is closest to. 

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Bible Story

Read the story of the Magi (also known as the Three Kings) in Matthew 2:1-12 or in your favourite story Bible.


Wonder about the story together:

  • I wonder if the Magi were surprised that the newborn king was in an ordinary house.
  • I wonder what Mary and Joseph thought when the Magi visited with expensive gifts.
  • I wonder what made the Magi decide to go another way.
  • I wonder if you can think of a time when you were filled with joy.
  • I wonder how you feel when giving a gift and how you feel when you receive a gift.


Pray together:

Dear God, thank you for the Magi! Thank you for their perseverance and joy to see baby Jesus. Help us to be filled with joy when we see special people or things. Help us to share Jesus’ love with others every day.  Amen.


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Choose one or more of these activities to do with your family to share Jesus’ light of the world. 

Chalking the Door
An Epiphany Tradition
Daily Blessing

Start each day sharing these words with each other:

  Let your light shine and share Jesus’ love with others.

Star Cookies
Bake some star cookies and do a doorstep off for family & friends. Include a card with a message that you are thinking of them.
Epiphany Stars

Decorate your home & windows with stars. Here are some ideas to try:

Be a Magi Acts of Kindness Game
  • Make a star (see Epiphany Stars for ideas).
  • Give one family member the star to start the game. This family member who has the star (the Magus) secretly does an act of kindness for another family member, then sneaks the star on to that person’s pillow so that they can be the next magus. 
  • How long can you keep the Magi Star going around the family?
This Little Light of Mine
Shine Jesus Shine
You Shine
Light of the World

Song recorded with the permission of songwriter Cathy Pino


Humphrey’s First Christmas
The Story of the Three Wise Kings