Lent Playlist

The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. For 40 days, not including Sundays, we focus on our spiritual practices (self-reflection and repentance, prayer and fasting, and sacrificial giving) which strengthens our faith, drawing us closer to God.



This playlist includes a variety of experiences for your family to engage in the spiritual practice of prayer.

Purple Cross
Learn more about Lent…


Pancakes stack pile and fresh ingredients

Pancakes for Supper

On Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday), make pancakes together for supper! Why pancakes, you ask? Having a “breakfast food”  for dinner is something different and is a reminder we are getting ready for the season of Lent. This is an opportunity to have conversations about how your family will observe Lent. Perhaps this will include some some new or different spiritual practices as part of your daily routines. Enjoy this time together…and don’t forget the syrup! 

Ash Wednesday

Worship on Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. To begin this year’s Lenten journey, your family is encouraged to attend an online service.

Making Lent Pretzels

As a family, make some pretzels as a reminder to pray. The twisted shape of a pretzel resembles two crossed arms in prayer.  Read more about the history of Lent Pretzels. Download the Pretzel Prayers Directions to make your own pretzels!


Bonus: Make some pretzels to share with others during Lent.  You can include this note or learn how to draw a pretzel and make your own card!

freshly baked pretzel

Create a Prayer Space at Home

Designate a space in your home for your family to gather to explore different prayer practices throughout the Lenten season. This can also be a space for family members to go when they need a calming place. Include the following objects:

Bible/favourite Bible story books: to read together

Cross: to remember Jesus’ death & resurrection

Candle: A symbol of God’s presence with us. 

Purple cloth: This is the liturgical colour of Lent – the time of the church year that we wait for Easter.

Empty bowl:  A reminder we are making space to talk to God.

Lent prayer space

Prayer Practices

Make space to pray together as a family and explore these prayer practices during this Lenten season. Suggestion – pick one prayer to practice during each week in Lent.

Human hand isolated
5-Finger Prayer

An “at-your-fingertips” way to pray. Hold up one hand and touch each finger as you pray for others & yourself. 

Thumb: pray for those closest to you, your family and friends.
Index finger: pray for people who give direction like teachers, coaches, health care workers, therapists, first responders, etc.

Middle finger: pray for leaders in governments, businesses, the church, etc.
Ring finger: pray for those who are sick, vulnerable, and most in need
Pinky finger: pray for yourself and your own needs

5-Finger prayer printable

A set of markers and sketch pad
Colouring Prayer

Materials needed: paper, markers/crayons/coloured pencils


Warm up by drawing some doodles, squiggles, lines, circles, dots, etc. on a piece of blank paper.

When ready follow these directions:

    • Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Repeat a few times. You may want to light a candle (or turn on a battery candle) as a visual reminder to be quiet and in prayer.
    • Write God or a favorite name for God (i.e. Gracious God, Loving God, Creator, etc) somewhere on the paper and doodle around the name.
    • Take turns sharing a prayer of thanks or a prayer request for you or others. Set a timer for about 3 minutes (you can adjust the amount of time depending on age or attention span).
    • Write down your thank/ask prayer either with words or a picture and then doodle around it while praying.
    • Repeat step 3 as many times as desired.
    • When you are ready to end, write Amen or your favourite prayer closing somewhere on your paper

                                                               from Praying in Color

Lavender sprigs with blossoms on white background with simple wooden tiles spelling out word BREATHE
Breath Prayer

Breath prayers are wonderful as a calming, meditative practice. Choose a brief phrase to repeat in one breath. Say one part as you inhale and the rest as you exhale. You can say breath prayers out loud, in a whisper, or silently. Here are some Breath Prayers to cut out & use.

Silhouetted school kids jumping outdoors at sunset
Body Prayer

Body prayers include movement as you pray.

Take 3 deep breaths.
God, you are above (reach toward the sky),
below (touch your toes),
inside (hands to heart),
and all around (big arm circles).
I worship you (reach toward the sky),
and give my life to you (touch your toes).
And I love you (hands to heart)
with all that I am (big arm circles).
Take 3 deep breaths. Amen.

                                                   From Illustrated Ministry

Lords Prayer Tracing Cross

Lord’s Prayer with a Tracing Cross

Have each family member make a tracing cross.


Instructions pdf

Cross template 


Gather together to pray. Use your finger to trace the cross, touching the words as you pray the Lord’s Prayer together.


                                                           adapted from Building Faith


Some music to inspire your prayer practices during Lent….

Dust We Are and Shall Return

Open the Eyes of My Heart 

O Lord Hear My Prayer (Taize)

Hear Our Prayer

I Will Pray 


There’s No Wrong Way to Pray

When I Pray For You

Make Room

A Child’s Guide to Lent and Easter 

by Rebecca Ninke & Kate E.H. Watson

by Matthew Paul Turner

by Laura Alary 

You may wish to read this book in parts to make room for conversations about:

    Making Time (0:58)

    Making Space (3:13)

    Making Room (8:03)

    Holy Week (10:18)