Pentecost Playlist

Did you know that the word “Pentecost” means “50” ? Pentecost Sunday is the 50th day after Easter. On this day, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of the church.



This playlist includes opportunities to explore & learn about Pentecost.

Read & Wonder...
For children:


Read the story of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21) in your Story Bible or watch this story video.


You can make wind & fire streamers to use while reading/listening to the story.


I wonder what it was like in that room to see little flames of fire above everyone’s heads.


I wonder what it sounded like when everyone was speaking different languages all at the same time.


I wonder how the people felt when they left the room that day.

For youth & adults:


Read Acts 2:1-21 or watch this story video. 


What would it have felt like to be one of the disciples in this story?


What do you think it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit?


How do you see the Holy Spirit at work in and through you?


Children’s message about Pentecost

The Day When God Made Church

by Rebekah McLeod Hutto

Chuck Knows Church – Pentecost

Lavender sprigs with blossoms on white background with simple wooden tiles spelling out word BREATHE

A Breath Prayer is a way of praying through deep, intentional breathing. In this calming and meditative practice, we can feel the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. To pray, choose a brief phrase to repeat as you breathe in and out slowly.


Try these: (or create your own)

“Holy Spirit” (breathe in) “guide me” (breathe out)

“Holy Spirit” (breathe in) “fill me” (breathe out)

“Come”(breathe in) “Holy Spirit” (breathe out)

“Create in me(breathe in) “a clean heart” (breathe out)

  • Wear something RED on Pentecost Sunday
  • Plant some red, orange & yellow flowers
  • Experience the wind:
    • fly a kite
    • blow bubbles 
    • be still and notice how the wind blows through the trees and feel the wind 
  • Make a pinwheel